• Flexible

    the world’s only macro-analyzer
    with simultaneous CHNS-determination

  • Simple

    minimum of sample preparation required
    thanks to weighed portions of up to 1.5 g

  • Unlimited

    extremely dynamic operating range
    owing to purge & trap technology

  • Efficient

    high throughput -
    up to 120 samples per run

  • Reliable

    analyzing whole gases
    yields highest precision

  • Unfailing

    10 years warranty
    on furnace and detector

vario MACRO cube

The art of elemental analysis

Whether in coal, oil or soil analysis, the elemental analysis of macro samples is a particularly technical challenge for an analyzer. Elementar has solved this task in a sophisticated way by offering the vario MACRO cube. New technical solutions combined with well proven techniques allow the simultaneous determination of CHNS of samples up to the gram range. The worldwide only analyzer which makes this possible in one fully automatic step.

The elaborate design of the "cube" instruments is good looking and makes this perfect function possible. Ergonomics and functionality are finely linked here. vario MACRO cube can be adjusted to today's and tomorrow's requirements due to its modularity. However, the most important requirement of an analyzer is still the accuracy of the analysis. And vario MACRO cube simply works accurate.