• Sensitive

    closed system,
    no external parasitic errors

  • Simple

    one detector for the
    entire measuring range

  • Reliable

    trusted autosampler
    owing to ball valve technique

  • Versatile

    upgradable with
    chlorine and TIC module

  • Flexible

    automatic injection of
    liquid samples with VLS-sampler

  • Efficient

    high throughput -
    up to 120 samples per run

  • Unfailing

    10 years warranty on furnace

rapid CS cube

The special sulfur analyzer

Based on the worldwide longest tradition in the analysis of the elements CHNS and O Elementar has developed an analyzer for carbon and sulfur which combines highest analytical performance with automatic sample throughput.

The sample handling by pelleting or use of tin capsules and fully automatic injection into a high temperature combustion zone is typical for our elemental analyzers. The fast and sensitive SO2/CO2 determination by means of IR detection is specific to the requirements of analysis for sulfur and carbon, e.g. in coal, soil or waste. It is characterized by special sensitivity and easy handling