high temperature pyrolysis
    for O and H or combustion
    at 1200 °C for CNS


    well proven
    purge and trap technology
    for best results


    peak focussing owing to
    temperature controlled traps


    extremely dynamic measuring range


    analysis of 1 mg
    up to 1 g sample weight


    easy ash removal also
    in pyrolysis mode


    minimum blind values via patented
    ball valve sample insertion


    high throughput -
    up to 120 samples per run

vario PYRO cube

A reliable allrounder

Stable isotope laboratories have ever increasing demands for functionality and versatility. H and O isotopic determination in solids and liquids often requires pyrolysis at temperature of up to 1,500 °C. At the same time, laboratories need routine for carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur isotope ratio determination as well as elemental concentration analysis. In the past, laboratories have had to invest in two separate analyzers to cover this range of analysis; one for combustion and the other for pyrolysis.

The vario PYRO cube breaks new ground by combining an up to 1,500 °C pyrolysis analyzer with a fully functional elemental analyzer for carbon, nitrogen, and/or sulfur determination with separate combustion and reduction tubes.

Backflush technology for unbiased results

Oxygen isotope ratio determination of high nitrogen containing samples poses analytical challenges. The use of Elementar purge and trap technology results in complete baseline separation of the N2 from the CO peak and superior CO peak focussing. The system uses a special backflush system (patent applied for) to remove background bleed of the pyrolysis reactor from the CO peaks.

The vario PYRO cube is a member of Elementar's well renowned "cube family". The very small footprint is the result of the most advanced functional design in the market. Even the power supply for the 1,500 °C furnace is incorporated in the compact design of the vario PYRO cube with a footprint of only 42 x 55 cm.