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Liquid fuel analysis for aerospace

Elementar's trace SN cube used for measuring low level sulfur concentrations in rocket grade RP-1 kerosene of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy

This February, SpaceX will be launching their first Falcon Heavy rocket as a test for the largest rocket in the history of mankind to go into space. The payload for this launch will even include Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster.

This is exciting because for the past 6 years SpaceX, working in conjunction with both NASA and the US Air Force, has been using Elementar’s trace SN cube for measuring low level sulfur in their rocket grade RP-1 kerosene that powers each rocket. Since too high concentrations of sulfur can be extremely degrading to engine components our measurements are a critical tool for their success.

[Translate to Englisch:] Data Bulletin "Determination of low sulfur concentrations in mineral oil using the trace SN cube"

Download our data bulletin and learn more about the analysis of low sulfur concentrations in fuels with our trace SN cube elemental analyzer.

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(The Data Bulletin does not contain actual SpaceX sample results.) 

trace SN cube with monitor

Learn more about our trace SN cube elemental analyzer.

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