• TOC and TNb analzyer iso TOC cube for stable isotope analysis


    First combustion based instrument
    for stable isotope analysis of dissolved
    C and N analysis (TOC/TNb)

  • TOC and TNb analzyer iso TOC cube for stable isotope analysis
    Specially designed to meet
    the challenges posed by
    isotopic analysis of TOC/TNb
  • TOC and TNb analzyer iso TOC cube for stable isotope analysis
    well proven
    purge and trap technology
    for best results

iso TOC®

Dissolved carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis on the highest level

Based on the “cube” platform that has set the gold standard for elemental analysis, the iso TOC is a new concept for the quantitative and isotopic determination of dissolved carbon and nitrogen in liquids and slurries.

The simultaneous determination of dissolved δ13C and δ15N at concentrations as low as 0.2 ppm and 10 ppm, respectively, are easily achieved with the iso TOC. For the first time the high sensitivity for measuring TOC or TNb in aqueous solutions is combined with the accuracy and reliability of organic elemental analysis to automatically measure up to 100% carbon concentrations in matrices ranging from dilute glacial meltwaters to aggressive soil extracts. Oxidation of bound carbon and nitrogen by means of high temperature digestion and catalytic post combustion in a free selectable range of up to 1,200 °C, with reduction of nitrogen oxides to N2 for determination by IRMS.


With measuring modes for the isotopic analysis of TC/TIC, DOC, TC/TIC/TNb or DOC/TNb. Formed CO2 and N2 are purified through a halogen trap with subsequent 3-step intensive gas drying system, and a newly developed matrix separation system (patent pending) that allows multiple injections of difficult matrices (such as seawater). CO2 is detected by a super wide range NDIR-photometer with extraordinary linearity prior to peak focusing of both CO2 and N2 on individual temperature programmed desorption columns (patent pending) to achieve the high-level performance required for IRMS measurement.

iso TOC cube with reference gas box and monitor
iso TOC cube with open side door
iso TOC cube with reference gas box
Vials for iso TOC cube
Reference gas box with open door
Water glasses
Reference gas box with open side door